Why meltco

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a supplier. Our customers choose us because we offer a vertically integrated approach to supply their needs, by providing unmatched service, value, and flexibility for our distributors. 

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reduce complexity

We offer our customers the flexibility to mix and match different products from our various facilities located across Canada and the USA. Our unique setup allows you to only purchase the material you need and gain control of your inventory. In addition, we also provide custom blending to your desired specs.


Inventory Management

Available when you need it

Through our large volume of stock across our multiple warehouses, you can purchase and quickly receive a large selection of inventory when needed. Everything from your fastest moving materials to your lowest stocked items, we act as an extension to your warehouse. Our inventory management system is designed to increase our customer's profitability by minimizing their warehousing cost.


1-3 Day Shipping

No need to wait

With our extensive network of rail and truck shipping options and our strategically placed warehouses, our in-house logistics team ships you the products you need anywhere in Canada and the USA in a matter of days – not weeks. This allows our customers the perfect framework to utilize a just-in-time inventory model


Team of Experts

We're here to help

At meltco, we believe in strong relationships. For us, that means being fair, equitable and helpful, while providing value and superior service to our customers at every stage of every transaction. Our team is knowledgeable and proactive and has the expertise, experience, and positive attitude to ensure every interaction with meltco helps move your business forward.