All of our private labels are manufactured by meltco and marketed with your branding. Our customers have full control over the bagged product, bag design, type of packaging and package sizes. The development beings with establishing the correct formula to suit your needs, appropriate packaging and color. From there, you will approve the final bag design and the process of bagging your own Ice Melter is only a few steps away. Brand Loyalty and cost are two features we focus on when creating your own Private Label.

From start to finish – meltco’s involved every step of the way guiding you through this new venture.


We’re the best at providing excellent customer service, consistent quality in all of our products and supporting our partners in their endeavours.

Confidence in Supply: At meltco, we strive to have inventory on hand for fast delivery and we conduct a very strict production schedule to ensure your product is available to you when you need it most.

Brand Development: Our creative team will partner with you to establish your brand in the regions and areas of business you are most interested in developing.

At meltco, we’re here to support you in your continued growth and success!


Product Quality: Our facilities recognize the specifics of our standards and will work to the same level of precision on your brand too.

Reliability: Because of a prearranged production schedule, our team can provide continual service and communication on orders placed.

Versatility: Looking for a brand to enter a specific niche market? With a meltco Private Label you can diversify your inventory and distinguish your store by carrying a variety of available products.

Contact Customer Support to see if a Private Label is the right fit for you!